I have been designing and building websites for over a decade. In that time many things have changed, new roles within the industry have emerged and new technologies have come and gone. I have a very rounded skill set and am comfortable learning and practising new technology (front end), creating wireframes, designs and prototypes for new experiences, or managing small product teams.


I have been working for fin-tech start-up Azimo. I joined in the company’s infancy when there were 6 of us in London and 3 developers in Poland. We shared an office space in true start up style. As Azimo grew, so did my responsibilities where I became head of product, this meant I was in charge of mobile and desktop sites, as well as spearheading the Azimo app for both Android and IOS while building a product delivery team. I have been part of a team that has taken the company from a few people to 70-80 heads through series A-B funding.


Prior to Azimo, I contracted my services in London to some of the top agencies and global brands as a front end developer, painstakingly hand crafting front end web solutions.

Almost every site I built in the past has been custom coded, keeping Markup & CSS lightweight and manageable. Templating tools like foundation and bootstrap are great for getting started quickly or creating rapid html prototypes, but they tend to bloat and restrict, and can require much tinkering with to achieve final custom designs.

Unfortunately, many developers now rely entirely on templating solutions, and don’t really grasp what’s happening under the hood. I am comfortable with either, I can see the pro’s and con’s.


As well a using a great number of out of the box plugins for common components like modals, carousels and tooltips, I have also written many of my own project specific custom plugins, notably the Hyundai project where I worked as a JavaScript developer.

I have many years experience using the jQuery/jQuery mobile framework. Trying to stay up-to-date with every single framework can be a cruel task, I am aware of the other popular technologies like Angular (we adopted for Azimo), React, Underscore, Backbone etc, and have light experience with them.

Email templates

During my time as a front end web developer I have built many custom email templates, including responsive emails. It’s a very different way of developing and these days almost a dying art. I have seen many good front end developers fail at building even the most simplistic email templates!

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any interesting projects.